Course Description

Understanding behaviour and effectively reading others is not a hit and miss process but a skill which can be learned and then applied into every aspect of work and life. It is a core skill that will influence your professional working life. It contributes to win/win situations, and provides the skills to deal with conflicts before disruptive behaviour is escalated. This module is unique to BCU as it incorporates elements from the Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® which will enable you to understand  your personal behaviour and will significantly contribute to your further professional success.

What’s covered in the course?

This BCU module explores the way in which people work with one another, manage their own behaviour, and relate more effectively to others. It is central to how organisations function and is an essential area in which health and social care professionals need to develop expertise. This module both augments and underpins the entire range of interpersonal and behavioural skills and applies them to leadership, team working and performance management, negotiation, implementing change or service improvement as well as to day-to-day routines. It is an overlooked but integral part of effective management. People are at the core of almost every business. Understanding personal behaviour and the behaviour of others is therefore crucial to effective management.

The core of effective working is a combination of knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour. Management training and education tends to focus on knowledge and skills. Attitude is assumed, and the study of how to understand, manage and work with different behaviour patterns is largely ignored. The process of understanding behaviours does not deal in absolutes, but in probabilities based on the evidence available.

Throughout this module, you will be encouraged to undertake student led activities and independent study with guidance and facilitation from designated academic support.  During the module, you will identify an area, or topic of study that is of interest to you and which you would like to critically review and evaluate, applying and reflecting this to your practice and/or your professional development.

Why Choose Us?

  • Lecturers presently work across many different industries/sectors
  • Unique access to IBA (Intelligent Behaviour Analytics®)
  • Users of IBA techniques have gone on to outperform in their chosen career path
  • Attending this programme gives you access to a specialised network of professionals
  • Tailored support is available to you so that you excel in your career

This is a very interactive course that will combine academic theory with best practice. You will be asked to explore behaviours and emotions and reflect on how this can either contribute positively or be destructive to the organisation climate and culture.

The aims of the module are to:

  • Enable you to apply a series of interpersonal and behavioural skills within your work place;
  • Develop interpersonal skills and behavioural competence for self-management, team working and to enable improvements in the way you practice and deliver services.

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