Nicky Houghton

Management Consultant - Health Care

Nicky has a clinical background (RGN, RSCN) and has worked at a senior level in both acute and community settings. Nicky has extensive experience of working at senior management level within the NHS and thrives on building strong relationships with multiple stakeholders to help secure better outcomes working at CCG, Regional and National level. Nicky is passionate about personalisation, enabling people to take as much choice and control as possible over their health and well-being, not just putting them at the centre but empowering them to lead their planning.

Nicky is an inspirational coach and has passion and energy for supporting people to help them unlock and maximise their potential and come up with solutions themselves to specific issues and problems and work-place challenges. She has experience of Public, Private and Voluntary sector organisations. In addition to day-to-day coaching, Nicky has supported people through change-management and career development and has worked with individuals and teams to support fundamental cultural change. She has a personalised approach recognising that everyone is unique, and each coaching situation is different. Using a facilitative style Nicky helps people look at perception versus reality to reach their agreed goals and outcomes.

Nicky is a Trustee of two charities supporting vulnerable people, working with them to help them gain confidence and move forward in their future decision-making. Nicky has been Chair of Governors and provided leadership for a soundly based, clearly articulated vision and ethos of two schools, (primary and secondary) and led teams through two very successful OFSTED inspections.