Karen Glover

International Recruitment Manager – NHS England – Midlands Region (Secondment)

Karen’s Nursing career spans more than forty years and her professional portfolio expands across Surgery, Theatre, Midwifery, Advanced Midwifery and Education, before opening her own private practice in South Africa.

Karen led the Private Midwives Alliance in South Africa, giving Private Midwifery the platform, it needed to educate the wider population to the benefits of Midwifery led care. Karen also was instrumental in securing the first Medical Health Insurance Company to recognise Private Midwifery in South Africa.
Karen has always had a vision, to be able to offer holistic Midwifery Care to the wider population and this led to the birth of The Nest Mother & Baby Clinic, which she ran while actively practising Midwifery and fulfilling one of her many visions and this spanned over the next ten years before Karen came back to the United Kingdom in 2014.

Karen then joined the NHS in 2016 and has continued to advocate for Nursing and Midwifery.
Karen was involved with the Florence Nightingale Foundation as was one of the first candidates invited to do the Co-Consulting for Psychological Safety, based on her submission of “Hold My Hand”, supporting the International Nurse and Midwife, which had evolved from Karen’s own experience.
Karen is ever passionate and has been involved in numerous improvement Projects that have been adopted throughout the Trust.
On the international Front and as an International Nurse & Midwife herself she advocates strongly for the international workforce and has been involved in International Recruitment for the last eighteen months.

In her current post with NHS England, she has just led a very successful recruitment event in South Africa and commenced a pathway to look to grow this relationship in the future.

In 2021 Karen was shortlisted for the Nursing Times Award – International Nurse of The Year and in the same year received Ruth May’s Sliver Award.