Chrissla Davis

Head of Clinical Workforce and Non-medical Prescribing Lead at Shropshire Doctors (Shropdoc)

IBA Development

In 2018 it occurred to Chrissla Davis that the leadership theories and models we relied on, were no longer of benefit to leaders who led such rich diverse teams and workforces. This resulted in Chrissla developing the post-modern theoretical concept of leadership TRANSPOSIVISM. This concept saw the creation of a holistic leadership theory with adaptivity and reflexivity, that entwined the collaboration of the IBA framework as it’s foundation.

Chrissla’s theory allowed her to research this hypothesis in a PhD using an ethnographical methodology. This research displayed a close link between successful leaders and the embedding of self-understanding in order to adapt and reflex on their leadership abilities and styles to empower their workforces as opposed to the struggles of a control group.  The success of this research has moved forward to support the IBA development and MSc modules. Chrissla continues to support the work on the development of the IBA framework as she has a keen interest and is very passionate about the positive impact this makes to individuals and leaders.

Chrissla’s ideas were discussed in the 2023 Conference STEM to STEAM 2023 Healthcare Conference: Enhancing Mental Health and Workplace Culture.

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More about Chrissla

Chrissla is a highly experienced nurse leader, researcher and leadership coach; she has a wealth of experience working within the NHS in England and healthcare in Australia. Chrissla started her career as a young staff nurse and has worked her way up in various roles, and has been hugely successful in leading various projects to improve the quality of the patient journey and workforce experiences. Chrissla has studied and supports students at doctoral, masters, degree and diploma levels and is currently providing leadership and coaching for Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Practitioners and Advanced Clinical Practitioners, from both nursing and paramedic backgrounds. Chrissla works across Shropshire, North Wales and Lancashire within her role as Head of Clinical Workforce and Non-Medical Prescribing Lead at Shropshire Doctors (Shropdoc) and remains a visiting lecturer at Keele University and Wolverhampton University.

In 2024, Chrissla will be joining Birmingham City University as a visiting lecturer and will be teaching on MSc module Understanding and Managing Behaviours of Self, Teams and Organisations. She will also be teaching on a new MSc Module covering Healthcare Coaching which has been built from the IBA framework.

Chrissla is very passionate about developing others and feels that educating, coaching and supporting others to see their full potential is a privilege and believes that great leaders see their success through others. It’s all about motivating people to see their own success in their own reality.