Birmingham City University IBA® STEAM Holistic Pilot Programmes

The purpose of a Birmingham City University IBA® STEAM Holistic Pilot Programme is to explore the importance of self-understanding for organisations and the impact this can make to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Birmingham City University IBA® pilot programmes are designed as small-scale (between 10 to 100 participants), tailored, short-term projects that help people within an organisation learn and experience the value that self-understanding and understanding of others brings and crucially how this can work in practice.  The pilot programme also gives a taste as to how a large-scale project might work in practice.

Case Studies

IBA® pilot programmes have been used successfully with individuals and teams within a range of diverse environments, including education, healthcare, business and the creative arts. It has been reported to be helpful in improving individual confidence and resilience at both a professional and personal level.

You can read about some of the outcomes by clicking here.  New programmes are commencing in 2023 and 2024.

By helping to develop musicians’ self-understanding through the use of Intelligent Behaviour Analytics®, the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire is working to support their student’s health and wellbeing.

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In 2018, Bablake Junior School took part in a Birmingham City University IBA® pilot programme and in 2019 went on to be shortlisted in the category of ‘Wellbeing Initiative of the Year’ by the Times Educational Supplement (TES) Independent School Awards.

Online teaching and learning

In 2019, Birmingham City University launched an MSc module titled Understanding and Managing Behaviours of Self, Teams and Organisations.

The module is a fusion of Eastern and Western and ancient and modern ideas. It is based on the premise of equipping students with bespoke knowledge and skills via a novel Framework and Toolkit. This can be utilised in a practical sense to help individuals overcome personal and interpersonal challenges which for some, might otherwise lead to significant levels of stress and anxiety. In so doing the student is pro actively equipped to be more resilient in times of difficulty and pressure.

The framework posits that improved self understanding can lead to enhanced self management. This offers the student informed choice regarding their own behavioural and emotional responses within pressured and non-pressured situations and includes the ability to recognise and adapt to the responses of others. The framework produces a narrative bespoke to the student which permits forensic examination of individual strengths plus analysis of the risks and consequences associated with overplaying those strengths.

The toolkit provides practical skills permitting students to apply their knowledge in the real world, aiming for a sustainable, balanced lifestyle with the capability and perspective to be better positioned to self manage in challenging or stressful situations.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced teaching online and with a rapidly re-designed course based around bite sized teaching and activity-based videos. Student feedback throughout remained at similar levels as seen when the module was taught in the classroom.

Click here to read the Birmingham City University Poster that was presented at the 2021 MQ Science Summit

Get Involved

Birmingham City University IBA® STEAM Holistic Pilot Programmes use components from an MSc Module, specialist teaching at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and the itse® software.  The programmes build upon this content so that participants acquire the necessary understanding, capability, attitude and behaviour to enhance their performance by building confidence and resilient levels to deal with 21st Century challenges.

A key component of IBA® Pilot Programmes is that they can be delivered online so anyone, anywhere in the world, can access and benefit from the teaching.

If you would like to understand how a Birmingham City University IBA® STEAM Holistic Pilot Programme can be used to benefit your organisation, in the first instance, please email