At BCU students have a wide range of options to choose from based on the courses offered by the University. In addition, they benefit from different skill honing training and real-life exposures sponsored by BCU to help them achieve their ambitions career-wise. With the specialized training that BCU offers, the institution directly contributes to the development of both the communities where it is located and the wider world.

IBA® Programmes and Courses are provided as an exclusive offering at Birmingham City University.

IBA® is a sophisticated framework which enables individuals to explore their Concept of Self in a meaningful way which is unique to them. It is based on the idea that developing an enhanced level of self-understanding provides significant value for individuals both at and away from work, individually or within a team.

IBA® has been used within a diverse range of disciplines including healthcare, teaching, police, military, business and the creative and performing arts. BCU students from a variety of professions and faculties have participated in the IBA programmes at the University and the inter-disciplinary transferability of the teachings is one of the key design elements of the framework. Students have spoken directly of their experience of these programmes at the BCU/IBA conferences hosted at the University.

IBA® uses key components from the itse® software as well as drawing upon the latest articles for understanding and managing behaviours of self, teams and organisations, encapsulating this so that the student acquires the necessary understanding, capability, attitude and behaviour to become a world class leader, fit for the 21st Century.

IBA® is designed to enhance participants’ self-knowledge or concept of self, described within the itse® framework as ‘Self-Understanding’. Improvements in Self-Understanding can lead to better understanding of others and uplifts in effectiveness and professionalism. A fundamental tenet of IBA® is that it starts with the individual, since the success of the individual inevitably affects the success of the team.

IBA® focuses on individual strengths and provides knowledge and skills for each individual to realise their goals. It is designed to achieve sustainable outcomes for both individuals and teams in a manner that is compassionate and at the same time determined, real, practical and sustainable.



Self-understanding underpins the entire range of life skills needed for world-class performance, including:

How effective an individual is stems from a combination of knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour, and IBA® examines each of these aspects, enabling individuals to develop these vital skills.

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At Birmingham City University, our mission is simple – we aim to be the University for Birmingham and to enable our students to transform their lives and to achieve their potential.

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IBA® at Birmingham City University

IBA® aligns with the BCU 2025 Strategy and underpins its vision and mission statements through the provision of Programmes and Course which are offered to international and national students.

Programmes include:

Additional Programmes and courses are under development.

All IBA® courses use the itse® software as their starting point/bedrock/foundation.

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