About IBA®

IBA® is a unique offering from Birmingham City University, UK. Developed by Hillcroft House Research Hub CIC it is designed for the challenges of 21st century life.

Using the principles of STEAM education, Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® or IBA® is a streamlined, holistic and innovative approach that can change how you view yourself and everyone else around you.

How effective an individual is stems from a combination of understanding, capability, attitude and behaviour. IBA® examines each of these aspects, enabling individuals to develop these vital skills.

Some components of the IBA® framework have been built into the itse® interactive software.

The foundation of the IBA® framework is an Indian Proverb that says:

‘Everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.’

Watch the Four Rooms video to find out more

Watch the Emotional Room video to find out more

Watch this 16 minute TEDx talk for a summary of IBA®


IBA® has been used successfully with individuals and teams within a range of diverse environments, including education, healthcare, business and the creative arts. It has been reported to be helpful in improving individual confidence and resilience at both a professional and personal level. Click here to read more.

The IBA® framework invites participants, via the itse® interactive software, to enter their Emotional Room to start their own holistic journey of self-understanding.

The skills learned in IBA® programmes are particularly relevant in today’s world where loss is being experienced at both economic and social levels. An enhanced awareness for a new and different way of living continues to emerge and develop as people increasingly recognise how important human-to-human interactions are to help create a better world. By understanding oneself through the relevant, insightful and personalised information contained in IBA®, users have a safe starting point to explore ways forward in a rapidly changing world with both confidence, openness and hope. The teachings can help users make sense of why some things may not have always run smoothly for them in the past and how they may adapt meaningfully to situations in the future. Ultimately, this can lead to win-win outcomes both in professional and personal lives.


IBA® programmes build upon the latest articles and thinking for understanding and managing behaviours of self, teams and organisations, and encapsulate this so that the student acquires the necessary understanding, capability, attitude and behaviour to become a world class, holistic leader, fit for the 21st Century.


IBA® is designed to enhance participants’ self-knowledge or concept of self, described within the itse® framework as ‘Self-Understanding’. Improvements in Self-Understanding can lead to better understanding of others and uplifts in effectiveness and professionalism. A fundamental tenet of IBA® is that it starts with the individual since the success of the individual inevitably affects the success of the team.


IBA® focuses on individual strengths and provides knowledge and skills for each individual to realise their goals. It is designed to achieve sustainable outcomes for both individuals and teams in a manner that is compassionate and at the same time determined, real, practical and sustainable.