Building a Holistic and Integrated Culture for our Lives and Professions by

Understanding and Managing Behaviours of Self, Teams and Organisations


Designed for the challenges of 21st century life, Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® (IBA®) is a streamlined and innovative approach that can change how you view yourself and everyone else around you.

Using the principles of STEAM education, IBA® is a sophisticated and holistic framework which enables individuals to explore their Concept of Self in a meaningful way which is unique to them. It is based on the idea that developing an enhanced level of self-understanding provides significant value for individuals both at and away from work, individually or within a team.

Working in close partnership with Birmingham City University, IBA® provides courses at MSc level (20 credits) and hosts conferences centred around topical themes for the 21st century where students who have experienced the IBA® framework speak of the benefits they have received through this training.

In addition, organisations can get involved in IBA® pilot programmes to support their future leaders with the understanding, capability, attitude and behaviour to be their most effective selves by applying the IBA® approach. All IBA® programmes and courses are delivered using the itse® software.

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IBA® in Education

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IBA® focuses on individual strengths and provides knowledge and skills for each individual to realise their goals and fulfil their potential. It is designed to achieve sustainable outcomes for both individuals and teams in a manner that is compassionate and at the same time determined, real, practical and sustainable.

Programmes are offered online to a global community and accredited at Birmingham City University.






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