about IBA® Programmes

“This knowledge enhanced the Board expertise and by developing the leadership and engagement skills throughout the business we saw a turnover grow, sickness absence reduce and staff retention levels increase.”

Managing Director

“IBA has been very effective in helping me to understand my own behaviour and has also helped me to better understand my interactions with colleagues and clients in a work environment. As a result, I have been able to get a feel for how to adapt my personal style in order to improve communication with others, and to get a more productive outcome from interactions.
In particular, in my work in the area of corporate restructuring and consultancy I have found IBA has helped me to deal more effectively with individuals whom I would previously have found very challenging. IBA has helped me to get an overview of other people’s needs and what motivates them within a short time of our first meeting, even when I am dealing with people from other cultures, which can add an additional layer of complexity. Where I am seeking to obtain stakeholder buy-in I have found that the insight delivered by IBA helps to build relationships and trust.”

Executive Director

“By adding the knowledge and techniques from this programme into the Leadership ethos, I have seen my company turnover increase year-on-year. An ideal outcome for both business growth and shareholders.”

Managing Director

“A first class development experience in a small group setting where there is ample attention afforded to all delegates by the expert facilitators. The material used has academic rigour with a strong emphasis on validated research.”

Business Development Manager

“A lively, fun course which gives practical person insight which can and must be generalised within my workplace.”

Learning & Development Consultant

“This is a very powerful programme. I am sure that it will have a lasting impact on both my own performance, and an organisational performance too.”

Leadership Development Manager

“…a relaxed informal style that creates a nice learning environment. They are very knowledgeable on the subject and put forward great ideas which can be implemented in the workplace straightaway!!”

Training Manager

“An experience that enriched a level of awareness and self perception that fuels a desire to really make it work…”

Training & Development Manager

“A fantastic interactive programme! Varied facilitation techniques used to ensure ALL delegates gained maximum benefit.”

Sales Training Manager