about IBA® Coaching

“The coaching was exceptional and I’m a person with high standards who expects nothing less than the best. I’ve had coaching support before from other companies and I found it a waste of time. The techniques I learnt were tailored to suit me and all very practically. After the coaching I realised I was in the wrong job and have now moved to a better job with more money and prospects. I recovered my costs within three months of moving jobs.”

Estate Agent

“I learnt more than I realised about myself through my coaching session. I hadn’t realised how many times I had overplayed my strengths that were limiting my career prospects. After 5 years of looking for another position I am now in the right job, have increased my salary by over 20% and working more effectively than ever before.”

Health Sector Manager

“I sadly found myself unemployed for 9 months and although I was getting interviews, I wasn’t able to secure a firm offer. After only 2 sessions I had regained my confidence sufficiently to secure 3 job offers in a fortnight! Furthermore, I use what I have learned to good use every day. This tailored approach means you can focus on developing the important relationships in your life, with extraordinary results. “

Project Manager

“On leaving my MBA, I was full of confidence and excited about re-joining the workforce. I really felt that I had a lot of value to add and I was looking forward to taking my career to the next level. However, with the state of the job market in the UK, and after months of searching with limited success, I became concerned that my confidence was such that if a career did become available I wouldn’t be in a position to take full opportunity and present myself effectively. They did an amazing job of re-building my confidence and self-esteem and, more importantly, ensured that I had high levels of self-awareness, both of myself and others, which I am able to carry forward.

If you have been through coaching before and not found it successful then there is another way that really works. The approach is tailored around you and you are provided with valuable, practical exercises that really make a difference. If you haven’t been through coaching before then you’ve just lucked in – I couldn’t recommend the services highly enough.”


“As a Headteacher about to start a new job, I was able to get a much clearer and deeper insight into my own behavioural tendencies as well as begin to think about those of others. This was particularly useful when considering how others, including my new staff and governors, are likely to behave and how this insight would enable me to be more prepared for meetings. I would certainly recommend this coaching for Headteachers and all those with the job of managing people.”


“After I finished my MBA I was all set to improve my prospects. During my coaching sessions I started to understand qualities about myself that I hadn’t quite accepted or realised before. We covered areas that were not part of my MBA. I had a significant promotion and would not have obtained my new post without this support

Financial Sector Manager

“As the only woman in a senior management team I was at a point of feeling bullied and worthless. The coaching and mentoring support I received was worth much more than I paid. The skills and techniques I have learnt have put me in a very strong position. The way I use to feel is very much in the past.”

Manufacturing Manager

“I wish I had received the coaching support when I left University. I can’t believe how many things I did badly because I did not understand behaviour patterns. The coaching enabled me to understand my own strengths and limitations and communicate effectively. It’s all worked for me as I went for an interview a few weeks after the coaching programme. I used the techniques I learnt and was offered the job with a 15% salary increase.”

Manufacturing Director

“I use to think this stuff was all mumbo jumbo, until I really took time to understand it. Since I started applying the techniques I learnt I’ve never looked back. I’ve increased my earning power but I’m really annoyed that I didn’t get this level of training during my MBA.

Information Technology Manager