Bespoke Senior Executive Leadership Programmes

We understand no two organisations are the same.  Therefore, we design bespoke executive leadership programmes to fit the needs of your organisation, the needs of your people and within an agreed budget and timeframe.

Having first understood your requirements, we will custom build a unique programme, using the Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® framework, aiming always to incorporate a balanced and flexible approach to meet your needs.  We will offer a suggested route and give our professional recommendations for you to consider.

If you are looking for a senior executive programme that regurgitates leadership theory and leaves you to find a solution that fits your organisation, then we are not right for you.

Instead, we will work with you to improve and refine your individual executive leadership strengths, facilitating and enabling you to work effectively and sustainably as individual leaders and together, coherently, as a world class team.

‘People are at the core of every performing team, whether in the Board Room or within Management or Support staff. At every level, understanding what makes people tick can mean the difference between failure and success.’ 
Professor Adam Crizzle, Birmingham City University 

Effective leadership within your organisation

In leadership roles, understanding self and others is not simply a ‘nice to have’.  It is a crucial skillset.   Understanding individual behaviour and emotional responses (and the behaviour and emotional responses of others) is therefore essential if your business is to achieve its ambition.

In leadership terms, how effective you are stems from a combination of knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour. Conventional training and education tend to focus on knowledge and skills. Attitude is assumed, and the study of how to understand, manage and work with behaviour and emotions is often (unintentionally) overlooked. In addition, it is often difficult to find a reliable framework that can be universally applied and which produces consistent and sustainable outcomes.

Core Leadership Skills

Understanding individual and others behaviour and emotions is not a hit and miss process. It is a core leadership skill which can be learned and then applied into every aspect of work and life.

Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® (IBA) has been developed and refined over more than three decades and provides a proven framework to enable individual executive leaders to do just that.

Used in a purposeful and planned way, IBA® can contribute towards imbuing confidence and resilience, achieving sustainable strategic change, working effectively across cultures and developing win/win situations.   It also provides the knowledge and skills to deal with conflicts before disruptive behaviour is escalated to the detriment of everyone’s ambition.

IBA® can be cascaded within the organisation and works at all levels of management and leadership.  However, in order to work effectively and sustainably throughout the organisation, it has to start at the top with the Executive Leadership group.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) & Intelligent Behaviour Analytics®(IBA)

Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® is an essential element of leadership best practice and can be used as a framework to support the teaching and understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EI). This methodology has been used by International Leadership students and for many has created that ‘aha moment‘ for their Self-Understanding and Self-Management.

How IBA® works:

At IBA® we begin with the individual.    We believe that individual Self-Understanding is a critical and integral contributor to high levels of effectiveness and professionalism. It augments and underpins the entire range of skills required for world class leadership performance.

  • IBA® starts with the individual since the success of the individual will affect the success of the organisation.
  • IBA® is a sophisticated framework which recognises the potential each individual has and the value that self-understanding provides, particularly within leadership roles.
  • The IBA® framework focusses on individual strengths and provides knowledge, skills and a practical framework, enabling leadership talent to flourish.
  • IBA® has been applied successfully in senior leadership positions within diverse environments including banking, accountancy, law, health, education and creative arts.
  • IBA® is the result of over 3 decades of research and rigorous refinement. It is focussed on achieving sustainable outcomes for individuals in a manner which can be aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • IBA® is also incorporated as the core module within an MSc at Birmingham City University ‘Transforming and Leading in Healthcare’ and teaches students from diverse backgrounds from both the UK and Internationally.

Post Programme

All delegates receive one-to-one phone or video support after attending this programme. Evidence shows that the success rate of sustainable outcomes and results for delegates increases when this additional support is included.

All  programmes are CPD accredited by The CPD Standards Office. 

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