IBA® Practitioner Programme

Would you like to improve your:

  • career prospects to a national or international level

  • professional relationships

  • personal relationships

  • coaching and mentoring techniques

Would you like to be part of cutting-edge technology within learning and development?

If your answer to any of the above is ‘yes’, then we want to work with you.


At IBA® we see the potential in each individual and know the value that self-understanding brings.  That is why we have created a framework that recognises each person’s unique spark – focussing on the strengths they have and how best to realise these.   We truly believe the key to reaching your full potential is by understanding and developing your whole self.  We observe that individuals who have high levels of self-understanding seem more confident and resilient and better able to create win/win outcomes, time after time.

We appreciate that insights and knowledge only go so far and that practical application is what is needed to make a real change.  Our comprehensive programme is complete with case studies, tutorials, support, scenarios and feedback.  It is constantly being updated and evolved to ensure you can use it successfully as a tool for life.

Key Benefits

  • Personally, you will benefit from receiving your own tailored IBA® report.  This will identify your own individual strengths and provide you with a framework to further develop self-understanding.  The programme itself can arm you with skills, knowledge and tools – building confidence and resilience and leading to a more productive and fulfilling life at home and at work.
  • CPD Points available for attending
  • If you choose to go on to become an IBA® Practitioner or an IBA® Teacher Practitioner, we can teach you to identify, at the outset, the real issues that your clients are facing and how to work effectively with them to get the outcomes they want. It is not unusual to get an outstanding result in one or two sessions.  In our experience this leads to further referrals and recommendations from existing clients.
  • If you already use coaching techniques or models, you will also be able to use IBA® flexibly and alongside these. IBA® can be used flexibly because it works successfully in its own right and it also works sitting alongside existing models and techniques.   We are confident that you will be able to use IBA® to suit your own individual circumstances.

The programme facilitators include a Professor, a medical Doctor, a Psychologist & Clinical Psychologist and Associate Lecturers at Birmingham City University. You will be taught cutting edge ideas which are now being implemented internationally.

Who should attend this programme?

The full programme is residential and takes place over three weekends.  It is a modular programme, allowing delegates to attend the first weekend only, however for those wishing to become an IBA® Practitioner, attendance of the full programme (including weekend 1) is mandatory.

As an accredited IBA® Practitioner, you will be equipped to deal with all types of client and coaching situations, including:

  • Individual and Executive coaching for personal or career performance improvement
  • Team coaching within organisations, including within sports settings
  • Personal Development coaching, including relationship coaching or finding new directions in life
  • Effective management of Life Events including divorce, bereavement and relationship breakdown
  • Mentoring

You may wish to specialise in one area or cover a range of issues.

As an IBA® Practitioner you will be supported by on-going training and encouraged to make full use of your skills and knowledge.   There will be a safe space to discuss any concerns you may have with an experienced IBA® Practitioner.

You have the option of working with your existing client base as well as taking on clients referred to you by us.  Our business is growing and we need more trained IBA® Practitioners to work within personal, sports and/or corporate coaching.

Our standards for accreditation as an IBA® Practitioner are extremely high, both in terms of professional competence and conduct.    In an unregulated market, being IBA® accredited is a valuable tool to have in your box.

The training is in small groups over three intensive residential weekends, supported by one-to-one sessions via Skype or WeChat.

There is also an option for exceptional candidates to complete the IBA® Teacher Practitioner Programme.

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For more information email hello@IBAworlds.org