About IBA®

Designed for the challenges of 21st century life, Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® is a streamlined and innovative approach that can change how you view yourself and everyone else around you.

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Easy to understand, straightforward to practise, whether you use it in your professional or personal life, Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® can get you the outcomes you want.

IBA WORLDS is your dedicated place for accessing everything globally that uses  Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® to help individuals and organisations understand behaviours, emotions, language and life events.

Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® is a core component of an MSc in Health available from Birmingham City University, England. This is a cutting edge concept that can help individuals to excel at what they do.  Used strategically within organisations it enhances team working, efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

Whether you are in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America or South America, you can begin your IBA Worlds Life Journey to:

  • enhance your academic qualifications;
  • develop your career and prospects by building and adding to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD);
  • understand and learn more about yourself and your relationships both at and away from work.

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